Organic Latex Meets Natural Serenity

Urban Green: The Pinnacle of Organic Latex Comfort

Dynamic Comfort Adjustment System

Explore the unmatched versatility of our Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress. With the adjustable comfort system, you have the freedom to mix and match your organic latex layers. Create a mattress that’s more than just a place to sleep — it’s your personalized retreat tailored exclusively for you.

Urban Green
Organic Latex Mattress

Tailored to Perfection: Your Comfort, Your Way

Discover the unique charm of our Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress, crafted to resonate with your individual comfort needs. From selecting the ideal firmness of each layer to the option of an adjustable base for the pinnacle of relaxation, your satisfaction is more than a promise — it’s a guarantee. Experience a world of great sleep, personalized to perfection, and enjoy restful nights for years to come.

100% Natural and Organic Materials

Our Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress combine the perfect mix of 100% natural and organic layers to create a mattress that’s truly tailored for you. We use 100% Natural and Organic Knit Cotton for our Quilted Covers.

100% Natural Latex
Natural Joma Wool
Natural & Organic Cotton

The Urban Green Organic Latex Mattress Difference

Our Urban Green Organic Latex Mattresses are completely customizable for both you and your partner. With the ability to choose your comfort, split layers, and add on an adjustable base for ultimate relaxation, we can guarantee satisfaction and great sleep for years to come .

Naturally Adaptive

Thanks to its natural and distinctive cell structure, latex exhibits remarkable flexibility, enabling it to conform and envelop your body comfortably while providing ample support. Moreover, this unique structure offers targeted relief to primary pressure points throughout the night, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Dynamic Support

Latex boasts swift adaptability to your body’s movements, offering unparalleled comfort, essential back support, and relieving pressure points, ensuring you enjoy a truly restful and peaceful night’s sleep.

Stay Cool

Latex’s inherent properties facilitate natural airflow within the mattress, ensuring a well-ventilated sleep experience. It efficiently wicks away moisture, effectively regulating your temperature throughout the night, all without retaining heat like conventional mattresses. As a result, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep environment, free from excessive warmth.

Studies show that latex is 300% more resistant
to dust mites than ordinary mattresses

This as a game-changer for allergy sufferers

Did you know that latex is a remarkable 300% more resistant to dust mites than standard mattresses? It’s more than just a statistic – it’s a life-changer for those with allergies. The natural hypo-allergenic properties of latex foam, combined with its pin core construction, create thousands of tiny air channels that keep the material ventilated. This unique design actively inhibits dust mites, mold, and mildew, while staphylococcus and other bacteria find it inhospitable. The result? A sleep environment that’s not only comfortable but clean and fresh, providing peace of mind for allergy sufferers and anyone committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Confidently shop and buy a mattress online

We’re industry experts with a < 4% return rate

Risk Free

Skip the uncertainty of trying mattresses online or dealing with the hassle of retail stores. Opt for a bed personalized just for you – customize it online or speak with our sleep experts who will assist you in finding the perfect configuration. Our company offers a 120-night trial period for our mattresses, allowing you to experience the comfort and quality of our products in your own home. Within the first 60 days, simply return your mattress for a nominal $99 fee. And between 60 to 120 days, take advantage of a one-time free layer exchange.


Foam Sweet Foam started near Modesto, California on March 27, 1982.
From 1982 to 1995 we sold foam products to upholstery shops and manufacturers. In 1996 we posted our first website and began selling mattresses online. It did not take long to figure out that internet sales were going to be our future.  
We slowly transitioned out of the wholesale side and evolved into a company that sells exclusively THE URBAN GREEN MATTRESS, a 100% Natural Latex Mattress.
We are now located in Glendale, AZ and just celebrated 40 years in business!

Sourced Naturally

Sourced from Sri Lanka, our 100% Natural Latex is responsibly harvested by tapping the latex rubber tree (Hevea Brasilensis) to collect the raw latex within, ensuring the tree remains unharmed. With the ability to produce latex for up to 25-30 years before being replaced, this eco-friendly and sustainable process makes latex an exceptional, green choice for a restful sleep..

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help and just a call away!

What’s the return policy?

You can exchange one layer of the mattress for a softer or firmer one within 120 days at no charge. If you choose to return the mattress within 60 days, there is a $99 return fee, and the mattress must be in our possession before we can issue the refund. Please retain the plastic and boxes for returns. If you use an oversized box we will have to charge you the actual cost of any additional fees.

What’s the layer exchange policy?

You can exchange one layer of the mattress for a softer or firmer one within 120 days at no charge. We include packaging materials, a dedicated box, and a prepaid shipping label, all conveniently provided with the exchanged layer upon delivery. After receiving the exchanged layer, you will have 30 days to return it. Please call us to schedule a free FedEx pick-up for your return.

What’s the difference between natural and organic Dunlop:

Organic Dunlop latex is farmed without pesticides and is supervised by GOLS, which also monitors Fair Trade practices, materials sourcing, and wastewater treatment. Non-organic Dunlop latex is produced using standard farming practices. The main difference lies in the farming techniques and oversight of environmental and social impacts.

What’s the difference between the 10”, 13” and 16” models?

Our 13” model is our most popular choice and offers four layers of 3” latex, providing extra support, particularly for those with heavier weight. The 10” model comprises three layers of 3” latex and is a standard option. Meanwhile, the 16” model, featuring five layers of 3” latex, caters to the needs of heavier customers and may be an excellent option for certain bed frames that necessitate higher-profile mattresses.

How long until the mattress is delivered?

Orders are shipped in 1-2 business days and delivered within 2-5 business days, depending on location. Cal King sizes may require an additional 1-2 business days for shipping.

Can I wash my quilted mattress cover?

 The cotton & wool quilted cover can be removed but is not suitable for machine washing or dry-cleaning. We recommend spot-cleaning with mild detergent and a brush, and disinfecting by placing it in direct sunlight. Please avoid machine wash, dry-clean, or hand-cleaning in a bathtub, as these methods can cause shrinkage and damage.

What type of foundation should I use with this mattress?

Our mattress is compatible with both solid foundations, adjustable bases, or slatted wood foundations featuring spacing of 3″ or less. It’s important to refrain from utilizing slatted foundations with gaps exceeding 3 inches or traditional box springs equipped with actual springs, as these will compromise the mattress’s performance and longevity.

What type of fire barrier is in the mattress:

Our mattresses use a 1” layer of wool within the cotton & wool cover as a natural fire barrier, rather than chemical flame retardants. This wool layer not only offers fire resistance but also aids in temperature regulation and moisture wicking.

How long does the mattress need to breathe before use?

Our latex mattress is ready for immediate use upon unpacking. There’s no need for an “off-gassing” period, and it quickly regains its original size and shape, allowing you to enjoy it without any delay.

What’s the difference between Talalay and Dunlop latex?

Talalay latex is bouncier and offers better contouring and pressure relief, while Dunlop latex is denser and provides greater support and alignment. While both can offer a great combination of relief and support, they are slightly better at their respective qualities. For specific needs like chronic pain or sensitivity to pressure, Talalay toppers can be ideal.

Will I feel the split down the middle if I split my layers?

Many of our mattresses include split layers, providing customizable comfort without shifting concerns. This feature allows for easy assembly, rearrangement, or layer exchanges as needed. Whether you prefer solid or split layers, or a mix, rest assured, all options ensure top-tier performance and contentment.

How much edge support does the mattress have?

Latex mattresses generally have more robust edge support without the need for additional materials, thanks to being firmer than memory foam. Conventional edge support commonly found in coil layers is often unnecessary in latex mattresses.

What type of topper should I buy?

When choosing a topper, consider both thickness and density. A 2” topper will make the mattress moderately softer, while a 3” topper will make it significantly softer. Your decision should depend on your current mattress firmness, desired softness, height, body weight, and sleeping preference. For those over 200lbs, a 3” thickness in the medium firmness or above is recommended. Generally, Talalay latex is bouncier and better for contouring, making it more common for toppers, while Dunlop is denser and provides more support.

Do your latex mattresses work on Adjustable bases?

Yes, our latex mattresses are exceptionally suitable for adjustable bases. Latex foam’s remarkable flexibility allows it to embrace various angles and shapes that an adjustable bed might adopt. It fluidly contracts or expands with the bed’s movements, ensuring support, preserving spinal alignment, and evenly distributing body weight, no matter the bed’s inclination or curvature.

Does your latex mattress sleep hot?

No, our latex mattresses are designed to sleep cool. Latex is made from the sap of rubber trees and exhibits an open-cell structure, allowing generous air circulation. The material also includes strategically positioned pinholes or other ventilation designs, which enhance airflow even further. This combination ensures excellent breathability, providing a cooler and more comfortable sleeping experience.

What is in our quilted mattress cover?

Our quilted mattress cover at Foam Sweet Foam is hand-sewn with organic cotton and quilted with natural Joma Wool for comfort and durability. It features a convenient zipper for easy layer replacement, rearrangement, removal, and spot cleaning.

Does our latex have man-made rubber?

Our latex products are exclusively made from 100% natural rubber sourced directly from rubber trees. The finished latex consists of 98% pure rubber, with the remaining 2% composed of natural elements such as fatty acids, soaps, and reinforcing agents required for the manufacturing process. We do not carry any blended or synthetic latex.

Do we use glue in our mattresses?

For California King layers (both Talalay and Dunlop) and King Talalay layers, we have to use a non-toxic water-based glue, which is GreenGuard certified for being free from harmful chemicals and off-gassing. There are only two companies globally that produce Talalay latex, offering only Twin XL and Queen size layers. Consequently, to create King and Cal. King Talalay layers, it’s a common practice among many companies, including ours, to adhere two Twin XL layers together. For Cal. King sizes, we also affix an extra 4” to the end of the layers, aligning with industry standards in the latex manufacturing sector.

Is it safe to purchase a latex mattress if I have a latex allergy?

Indeed, purchasing a latex mattress is generally considered safe, even for individuals with latex allergies. This is due to the thorough removal of proteins responsible for allergic reactions during the latex-to-foam transformation process. We’ve successfully delivered mattresses to numerous customers with latex allergies, all without encountering any reports of allergic responses. We are also delighted to offer samples of our latex products, allowing you to make an informed and confident decision in your purchase.