The Mattress

  • $99 Pillow Pak – A $247 Value!

    The Pillow Pak includes 2 bed pillows and 1 travel pillow. All pillows are 100% Natural Dunlop Latex with a medium firmness.

    Urban Green Mattress
    • Each mattress has 3, 4, or 5 latex layers
    • Each 100% Natural Latex Layer is 3” thick
    • Mattress Cover adds 1" of thickness

    The 3-layer (10”) is the right choice for anyone who likes a firm to very firm mattress, has few aches and pains, or is on a tight budget.

    The 4-layer (13") is the right choice in achieving the best possible comfort for the price.

    The 5-layer (16”) is for someone who likes a very soft bed or a person who likes the biggest and best.

  • Urban Green Mattress Cover

    The function of the mattress cover is to encase and hold together all the latex layers.

    In 2014 we redesigned our mattress cover. The most important change was relocating the zipper from the top to the bottom. This gives the Urban Green Mattress a more contemporary look with the top surface flowing down each side, known as the waterfall effect.

    Using this style, there is no more rubbing against a zipper when you are getting into bed. Classy and Functional!

    Urban Green Mattress Pad

    The function of a mattress pad is to protect the mattress cover from spills, sweat, and other things that may stain or ruin the mattress. It fits over the mattress like a fitted sheet. The Urban Green Mattress Pad has a top surface of ½” of wool quilted between 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric.

    The mattress pad is machine washable; the mattress cover is not.

    Should you have a mattress pad on your bed? Yes, you should. Not only does it provide another layer of comfort, but it will wick up sweat and other spills.

  • What is URBAN GREEN?

    Urban Green – When we named our product line, we felt these two words were synonymous with Contemporary Natural. That is exactly what we set out to achieve – a natural product with a contemporary design.

    In July of 2014, we did an entire redesign of our mattress cover. Not only did we get our Urban Green logo woven into the fabric, but we also changed the location of the zipper from the top of the mattress to the bottom. This was good for 3 reasons. It gave the mattress a more contemporary waterfall appearance with the top fabric flowing from top to sides without a zipper. Also, since the zipper was now relocated near the bottom, people do not encounter that zipper edge when crawling into bed. Last, it is now easier to assemble. Classy and Functional.

    What is on the inside?

    100% Natural Latex – That’s it. No Springs, no Blended Latex, no Horsehair, no Polyurethane, no Organic Latex, no Cotton, no Memory Foam, no Coils. Just 100% Natural Latex.

    We carry 100% Natural Dunlop Latex. With our wide range of layer selection, it is not difficult to dial into the perfect firmness for your mattress.


    Density ILD
    Soft 4.0 17
    Med-Soft 4.7 23
    Med-Firm 5.0 28
    Firm 5.3 32
    X Firm 5.9 37
    XX Firm 6.9 > 40

    ILD Range is +/- 2
    Density Range is +/-.2

    What is on the outside?

    Included with the Urban Green Mattress is a quilted cover that encases the layers of latex. Since this mattress cover has a zipper around the perimeter, it is removable. The quilted cover contains 3 components:

    100% Organic Knit Cotton Fabric – Once the Urban Green Mattress is assembled, this top fabric layer is the only part of the mattress that will come in direct contact with your skin. Yes, it is organic.

    Natural Joma Wool – The wool has 3 very important functions. It is the only natural component we know of that will enable a mattress to pass the government mandated fire test. Because of the wool, it is not necessary to add any fire-retardant chemicals. The Urban Green Mattress is chemical free. Second, it provides some loft which makes the sleeping surface slightly softer. The last benefit is that the wool can wick sweat from hot sleepers.

    100% Natural Cotton Fabric – This white fabric is the bottom layer that helps to hold the quilted cover together. It is the inside fabric that is in direct contact with the latex.

    Latex Mattress Certifications
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    Our Mini-Stack System

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    Urban Green Mattress
    If any layer of latex in the Urban Green Mattress loses 1/2" of thickness due to fatigue within 15 years, we will replace that layer at no charge.
    If the zippered cover which encases the latex layers arrives defective or with manufacturing defects, we will replace the cover at no charge within the first year. Read: FULL WARRANTY DETAILS
    Foam Sweet Foam
    Glendale, Arizona


    Does your mattress contain chemicals or flame retardants?

    No.  We use all Natural Joma Wool that enables us to pass government testing.

    Latex is known to be a very breathable material.  Therefore, it will actually help to moderate your temperature.

    The cover is made of a knit organic cotton.  It is not woven.

    Yes, however the mattress covers are made specifically for the number of layers that you purchase.  We will exchange a latex layer (one time) but we do not exchange covers.  If you buy an additional layer, you have 3 choices (1) put one of the layers under the mattress (2) to put one of the layers on top of the mattress (3) or to buy a new cover.  The price of an additional cover ranges from $299 - $499.  The best thing to do is to buy the 13” right away if you think that is what you want to end up with.

    The size of your mattress and the densities of your latex layers will determine the overall weight of your bed.  See the chart below for the average weights:



    CA King

    Twin/Twin XL


    140 lbs

    175 lbs

    175 lbs

    100 lbs


    180 lbs

    225 lbs

    225 lbs

    125 lbs


    220 lbs

    275 lbs

    275 lbs

    150 lbs

    Most foundations or bases work well with our mattresses.  If you have a Platform Bed or Captain's Bed, you can place it directly on the slats or plywood. If you need an extra 6-10 inches to achieve the desired height, you can use your current box spring or foundation as long as it doesn't sag.

    Yes. People tend to think the Latex layers might shift, but they don't. Not only do they stick to each other, but the mattress cover is made so the layers fit snug inside. We have sold all sizes (10", 13", and 16") for adjustable beds and the answer is the same. They all have no problems and work great!

    We highly recommend purchasing a mattress pad.  This goes on top of your mattress cover to protect it.  If there was a spill or accident on the cover, we recommend to spot clean it with water or nontoxic soap.  If it smells you could sprinkle baking soda on the cover, let it sit, then vacuum it up.  We then highly recommend letting it fully air out.

    The best way to move your mattress to keep it clean and more manageable to move it is to take it apart.  Start by unzipping the cover, remove the top layer, fold it in half long ways, roll it up tightly similar to a sleeping bag, put it in a large black trash bag or wrap it in blankets and tape it to keep it tightly rolled.  Do this for all of your latex layers ensuring they are tightly rolled and protected, then make sure to also put your cover in a large bag or wrapped up somehow to keep it protected during your move.

    Most sheets will fit our beds.  If you are purchasing a 13” or 16” from us, we recommend finding deep pocket sheets.


    Pain Was Gone
    "It is a big leap of faith to buy an expensive mattress sight unseen to be assembled by you. I am an overweight side sleeper with arthritic hips and horrible shoulder pain. Within weeks, the pain in my shoulder was gone and I no longer woke up with screaming hips. Within a month, I had full range of motion in my shoulder/arm. Something I haven't had in years, in spite of physical therapy, cortisone shots and every medicine imaginable. I can now put a belt on. Sounds simple, but it was something I couldn't do."
    Jim D. Long Island, NY
    February 2019
    Stood the test of time
    We purchased our King 100% Natural Talalay latex mattress in 2013.  I just came across the original invoice when cleaning out my desk.  This is the best purchase I have ever made and the best mattress I have ever slept on (and I am soon to be 70).  My unit has a firm base, medium center and soft top.  It is perfect and has stood the test of time. "
    Lawrence B. North Carolina
    March 2020

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    Urban Green Mattress Pad


    $99 Pillow Pak - $247 Value

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