The return rate in 2020 was less than 3%. It is very unlikely you will return an Urban Green Mattress.

60 Days - We understand the apprehension of buying a mattress without laying on it.  With the exception of the top layer, all latex layers can be rearranged to make the mattress firmer.  If you cannot get the mattress quite soft or firm enough, you have up to 60 days to exchange 1 layer for a new softer or firmer layer.  A deposit of $199 is required when we send the replacement layer.  We will also send packaging material, a box, and a prepaid shipping label (these items come with the layer when it’s delivered, so please keep these items). The deposit will be refunded when we receive the returned layer. Please note: If you use an oversized box or if you ship your order back in more than box, we will have to charge you the actual cost of any additional fees.

90 Days – As stated earlier, it is very unlikely you will return this mattress – 97% of people do not.  If you must return it, there is a $199 return fee (this will be taken out of your refund amount).  If you buy the mattress with the intention of keeping it, this will not be a concern.  But it is comforting to know there is an escape route if needed.

We recommend you keep the plastic and boxes that the mattress arrives in, just in case of a return. The returned mattress must be in our possession on Day 90 from the date of delivery.  After we receive it back, we will issue a full refund to the person who purchased it Cost to you: $199.00

How To Avoid A Return

1. Make sure both sleepers agree to purchase the mattress. When they do not, this has been the #1 reason for a returned mattress.

2. Know what you want your mattress to feel like. If you are unsure, E-Mail for our input and we can help.

  1. Know the difference between firm and rock hard.  If you want an extremely firm mattress, place your order through the custom module to be able to choose firmer layers.